Hello 2016...


January 2016


Greetings, people!

This is the first of what will - hopefully - be a series of regular updates on our site, written by members of the band. The main aim is to keep you lot in the loop of what we've recently been up to, what we're currently doing, and what we've got planned for the near future! As this is our first post, it makes sense to inform you all of what's been going on in the couple of months leading up to now, especially as they've been 2 of the most eventful months of our time together as a band.









Back in November, we changed our name to Ocean Flaws. Many of you have asked us why, and if you've not heard our insightful, insurmountably well-articulated recent radio interviews... the jist of it is that,

1) There was some old Scottish band of the same name which was causing a bit of confusion for new listeners on Spotify, iTunes etc., and

2) Perhaps more importantly, we feel as though we've finally found our sound, and we're ready to run with it.


Over the last few years and several releases, we've tested the musical waters of a few different styles and sounds, and we feel like we've gotten to a point now where we've achieved some real consistency with that sound for the first time, and with it has come a stronger sense of identity, and a real desire to get the music heard and take this band as far as it will go. This sense of identity has been forged in to our new name, Ocean Flaws, which we feel conveys the expansive and atmospheric nature of the recent and upcoming songs. 


Shortly after that change, we released our debut single, 'Like a Fool', along with our first ever music video (directed by the talented Jeremy Walker). The reaction was fantastic, and we can't thank those of you who watched / liked / shared the video enough. For those of you who haven't seen it yet (or just want to watch the video again, it's sick), here it is!














December saw us take to the stage for the first time since August, with our band

launch gig at The Workshop in Hoxton. With the help of our friends Crums and

Olivia Jane Russell (a.k.a 'Fawn'), we packed the place out and I think I speak

on behalf of the whole band when I say it was our favourite gig to date. The

crowd was mental and it felt awesome to see our enthusiasm towards our next 

stage as a band mirrored in those people singing the words and jumping up and 

down. To all who came, thank you for making it such a special night. 


The gig was also a great chance for a lot of people to hear the new songs for the

first time - new songs that constitute our next release, which we announced

earlier this month: the Dancing To The Fear - EP. The EP includes lead single

'Like a Fool', and we're incredibly excited for everyone to hear the recorded

versions of the other tracks, which were recorded back in August with our good

friend, Mitch Ayling of The Milk. 


Over the course of the next month we'll be smashing promo for the EP, including

a series of homemade videos for the remaining tracks, so it's all go at the

moment for us.


Exciting times ahead, hope to have you with us along the way!




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Oh We Travel Boy...



Has anyone ever seen a big bad wolf, kidnap a horseman? Look no further than our latest single, 'Silver Screen'.











We’ve been on a riveting quest to promote our shiny new EP “Dancing To The Fear” which is now available on iTunes, Spotify & Soundcloud (+ Amazon, Deezer, Tidal). A collective of London & Essex record stores have also got on board, so get your free copy NOW if you’re about town!



“A classic emotional anthem (Like a Fool)” – POND


“A promising sign of a new direction” – HarryLikesMusic








Everyone loves a bonus…as we saw our release seep into the iTunes alternative charts at no. 134 on Friday 12th February. This was unexpected to say the least as we also offered our tracks for free in addition to this! We’re delighted with the response we’ve received so far (incuding some lovely reviews/blogs which you can click on below) and we can only hope that it’s going to get even better.


Since our launch, we’ve been blown away with the reaction, and ‘stickers’ have been popping up EVERYWHERE. Since handing them out as EP promo, we’ve received a tonne of photos from people around the nation showing off their support!










Be sure to stay tuned for more wacky updates and band news!


Dancing To The Fear EP - 





Even more so, my good ol’ pal, James Palmer has set out on an adventure to travel the globe.  Via tropical rainforests and sun-scorched beaches, Thailand has become a welcoming host to our new music….


Catch Up!

April 2016

I apologise about missing out last month's blog entry. It's been a busy few months for everyone in the band. Callum and Hamish have been finalising their dissertations, Alex has been handing in essay after essay and I've been crying in my room about how unfair the world is... But I'll save that for therapy. 


Onto what's been going on in the Ocean Flaws camp. Well, we start off with an interview that we did with Peter Balkus over on New Music Fever. I found it to be quite a nice interview; he didn't ask us the bog standard questions that every upcoming band gets thrown at them. We talk a lot about our sound and what it's like to be a band in the music industry nowadays. Check it out on the link below!





Now for some BIG news. We're proud to announce that we will be on the bill for

this year's Brentwood Festival! We're all extremely excited to play this year on

Sunday, 17th July along with Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet), ABC, Bob Geldof

and The Boomtown Rats and of course the Renegade Blues Brothers tribute

act. We'll be playing on the Phoenix FM Stage; we'll keep you on top of when

we'll be playing during the day... We have a couple of tricks up our sleeves for

this performance so I expect to see some familiar faces down at the front for this

one. You can buy weekend, day and VIP tickets from the link below: 




Along with the festival slot, we were fortunate to feature on the front cover of

Brentwood Weekly News a couple of weeks ago. Why they used our picture on

the cover to talk about bands at the festival, I'll never know. But I quite like seeing

our faces on there so hopefully this'll be the first of many to come (and hopefully

future features aren't for the wrong reason. Cue Hamish Monk). 


Last bit before I leave you all. We also took advantage of the relatively (I use that

word very loosely) good weather recently and decided to get together to record a

cover. We hadn't done anything in a while as a group so it was nice to play music

again with the others. We decided to tackle the opening track off The Last Shadow Puppets new album, Aviation. It's gained a lot more views and likes than I thought it would. We feel like we did a pretty respectable cover of the song, but make the decision up for yourself..




                   Dat double chin tho ->









Hopefully Hamish’s blog next month will be on time and better prepared.




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Getting Those Balls Rolling…(not literally)

July 2016

To pick up from Sean’s departing wish in the previous blog, that the next entry be punctual and better prepared, well, that was always a tall order; it was my turn. BUT, that’s not to say things have been quiet our end, far from it. It would seem that we’re slowly getting those balls rolling. So, allow me to update you…


A few weeks after Sean’s blog went up, our tune Silver Screen got some priceless ‘BBC Introducing’ air-time (always good to know you’re doing something right). So if you’re reading this BBC, cheers boy.


What is more, a few days later we were tagged in a post from newly formed band of internet bloggers and music promoters: Grab The Mic. On their Facebook page, they declare themselves “a gang of writers, photographers and general artsy people [who] will do what [they] can in order to get the word out that there is a huge number of musicians out there who deserve to be better known and celebrated.” Good point, GTM. Apparently, one of their ‘generally artsy people’ spotted an Ocean Flaws flyer stuck to some lamppost down Brentwood high street (don’t worry, the council didn’t find them all) and thought “yeah, that looks tasty, what else ya got?”. Anyway, it turns out they liked our sound and ended up writing a very flattering review our latest EP, Dancing To The Fear. So if you’re reading this GTM, cheers boy!


But the satisfying feedback didn’t stop there; we made Yusten The Music Guru's

Top 50 Releases for the first half of 2016, and by mid-June our pals in Canada

at The Permanent Rain Press featured us in another list of bands to be watched.

Hopefully they dig our next release as much as the last (which is already in the works…)


In between all this, we’ve been knocking out a few acoustic gigs, most notable of which was Mustard Seed Festival, as well as other seedy gigs that I neither have the time or memory to list here. We do love a bloody good cover, plus someone’s gotta pay the bills. Oh, and whilst I’m on the topic, Sean Heaney is still available for hire to fret wank over any Bruce Springsteen karaoke mix of your choice. Perfect for 50th birthdays, golden anniversaries and even cremations. Keep that fire burnin’ mate.







Saving the best ‘till last, I must mention our headline slot on the Phoenix FM stage at Brentwood Festival recently. For the first time ever, we had a one Mr. Liam Clack accompany us onstage with his Nord and alchemic effects- a contribution for which we all owe a big lump of gratitude. The sun beamed down, spirits were high and I wore shorts. The sound tech team and festival staff couldn’t have been more accommodating that weekend, so I think I speak for everyone when I say we’d love to get a slot there again next year.  









Last but not least, watch this space for a new LIVE version of that track I keep mentioning: Silver Screen. Michael at Studio 6 is currently in the process of mixing and syncing a video of Callum tearing up the bass line and vocal take. It’ll eventually be part of a larger CD, with live music from many other local bands for you to discover. OR, if you’re a cheapskate, just wait for the free download on our Soundcloud. So, if you’re reading this Michael, cheers boy!



Over to you, ‘Alex’…



Phase 2

September 2016



So August has rolled around and hopefully the timely arrival of this post signals that we're back on track with getting these out monthly! On the topic of rolling around, this week we dropped our skateboarding-centric new music video for Dancing To The Fear, featuring more masks and general hijinks - if you thought Silver Screen was interesting, then this one will definitely intrigue you. The link is here, if you dig it, give it a like & share!








Check out mine and Hamish's rusty skate skills and an Oscar Worthy performance from Sean Heaney as Simon Schizo; he got so deep in to his loony character that he even accidentally left his flies undone for one of his most threatening scenes, see if you can spot it... Cal also makes a last minute 4th wall breaking cameo, and overall it was another fun experience - hopefully you have as much fun watching it as we did making it. Having 0 budget for a project like this forces creativity, and I'd like to say that we thrive in such situations.

The video also marks the end of our promotion of the Dancing To The Fear EP, which we're immensely proud of. The EP was a year in the making and the reception it provoked, the reviews it got, everything trumped our expectations, but we also feel like it was deserved, given the hard work we put in trying to make the best music we'd ever made, as well as the extra lengths we took with artwork, videos, etc.

But as I said, that's now done and we're on to the next phase, which is going to be even better. We're working on our next single and so far it's sounding hella good, so hopefully it'll be recorded and with you by the end of the year! In the meantime, we have a gig to announce: September 10th @ The Bassment in Chelmsford, supporting Ratboy, who's doing a DJ set. It's our first local gig in quite a while, and will be our last for a bit too, so make sure you don't miss out. Sean may even turn up in character, flies undone and all...





See you there,


Guten Tag

October 2016 



Happy Halloween, from all of us at Ocean Flaws!


It’s been a lovely couple of months. Probably because Alex has moved to Germany to study for a while (I kid).


As the sticksman previously mentioned, we were all set to play a packed-out gig at Chelmsford’s ‘Bassment’ where we were greeted by friends, family and some new faces as well including Ratboy himself.










It was a fun and energetic show following a sports-theme dress code which we all encompassed. Minus one or two cock-ups we were overall buzzing with the reception and had the chance to debut a new song live.


Did I just say a new song? Yes. We’ve been hard at work this summer working on a brand spanking tune which we’ve recorded and plan to release very soon!


In the meantime you can check out our live version of Silver Screen (click picture below) which was released by Studio 6 Music on their ‘Sound of Essex 2016’ album which included a selection of talented bands in our local area. Let us know what you think and annoy your neighbours with it ;)








Lastly, Sean, Hamish and I have set out on a quest to Würzburg next month to sink some steins and drink some wine (in addition to helping Alex wave the Ocean Flaws flag, internationally).




So watch this space as things are about to get tasty…




Where to start

December 2016




To start things off, seeing as it’s now a week before that jolly old bastard comes down your chimney, I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Not to take away from how much of a mare this year has been for humanity, 2016 has been a huge stepping-stone for Ocean Flaws.


We released our debut EP ‘Dancing To The Fear’ back in February (which is still available for the perfect Christmas stocking filler). The EP did a lot better than we ever imagined it doing, charting on iTunes and receiving an enormous amount of applause from critics and journalists. We also played our first ever outdoor festival, headlining the second stage at Brentwood Festival on the Sunday night. We’ve made huge leaps and bounds this year as a band. To everyone who’s attended our shows, bought / streamed / listened / talked about our music and simply just kept an interest in us, we thank you. Here’s to another absurd year in 2017. 


Now to carry on where Master Quirk left off.


Destination: Würzburg

Purpose: Alexander J. Pattle III

We were saying for months prior to Al leaving for Germany that we would go visit him for a long mental weekend. Safe to say it didn’t disappoint and to quote our BlaBlaCar driver, “Es ist party time”. We rented out our own little apartment thanks to AirBnB (that wasn’t a paid advertisement, although I’d be open to it if they offered). Friday was ridiculous, Saturday was ridiculous and Sunday… Well, it was nice to have a break and have a band Photoshoot with a helping hand from our photographer, Philip. Würzburg was a great experience. Although, for some reason I can’t remember much from Saturday night…














If you’ve been keeping an eye on our social media accounts over the past couple of weeks you will have noticed that we’ve announced details about our new single, ’20:22’ (Featuring Olivia Jane Russell). The single’s due to be released on Friday, January 6th 2017 on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Soundcloud etc. It is now available for pre-order from iTunes and Amazon (links below).





We’ve been working hard on this track with Mitch Ayling and we cannot be prouder of the results. We can’t wait for you all to hear it and get on board.
















As well as releasing our single on the 6th January, we will be celebrating the release with our own night down at the Seaxe Rooms in Brentwood. We will be playing a semi-acoustic set with a few special guests as well as having a great list of support acts. Make sure to stay afterwards for the first ever Ocean Flaws DJ set. Each band member will be spinning their favourite tunes from a chosen music genre, so make sure to come down and shake your tail feather!


Make sure to tune into Phoenix FM this Thursday at 12PM. We will be talking to Paul Golder about our year, the new single and playing a few songs as well.


Happy Holidays Folks. See you in 2017.




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So, several months on from our last, um, 'monthly' blog... we're back!








We had a good streak going, but hey, it was bound to end at some point. Thankfully, we have some exciting news, but before we get to that, a quick retrospective on the year so far: 


We saw in the new year with the release of our latest single, ’20:22’, and a launch gig to boot. We’re extremely proud of the track, which was recorded with The Milk’s marvellous Mitch Ayling, and are truly grateful for all of the positive feedback the song received, not only from you guys, but from a number of critics too. Reviews popped up not only in the U.K., but also the U.S., Canada, Belgium, Brazil, and Holland! Also popping up across the U.K. were ’20:22’ posters – the Ocean Flaws name is spreading in style.  







We also did a few interviews to promote the single, and the launch gig, with the likes of Phoenix FM and The Five Ws Of. Speaking of the launch gig, it was a fantastic evening, and we were overjoyed to be joined by our good friends Olivia Jane Russell A.K.A. ‘Fawn’, and Liam Clack, who made his live debut, playing songs from his impressive Paralysis EP. We followed the gig up with a few acoustic shows across London, which also went down a treat. Perhaps our personal highlights regarding reaction to ’20:22’ were being featured on BBC Introducing once more, and having beloved Youtuber The Dutch Guy drop a video review of the track (below). Most recently, we were also featured as Bears Blogs’ band of the month for April (below), so a big thanks to those guys! 








Anyway, on to our exciting news… You may have seen from our social media recently that we are once again writing, and we can confirm that we’ll be heading back into the studio at the end of May, to record a brand new song. Tens of thousands of WhatsApp messages, a bunch of Skype sessions, some GarageBand demos, and a few carrier pigeon trips have gone into the writing process, ensuring ideas have been shared between the boys in Essex and myself in Vienna, and we’re now ready to bring this track to life. I’m flying home specially to make this happen, but won’t disclose the fee Hamish, Sean and Callum needed for my services. We’ll just say the currency was Yazoo, and I don’t come cheap. 









The song is sounding very cool, and we can’t wait to get it out to you lot as soon as possible. Hopefully it’ll drop right in time for Summer, and we’re looking forward to celebrating in the sun with you guys. 

Until next month (I live in hope), 



The Boys are Back in Town

May 2017


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